Vimartec.,JSC focuses on the combination of leading edge engineering expertise with sound seafaring knowledge to offer services in support of marine operations offshore. Founded in the provision of consultancy for high risk marine operations, the Group is a household name for technical assurance and more latterly project execution services. These core skills have lead to the development of a range of associated services at the same high standards as the founding concepts.














Marine Consultants & Offshore Engineering

The following are the main subject areas for the Engineering Business Sector within the Vimartec.,JSC Company:

         Provision of design, design verification and engineering support services to Ships .

         Provision of design, design verification and engineering support services to the Oil & Gas sector on a worldwide basis for Fixed, Floating,  Vessel, Jack up structures and pipeline .

         Provision of design, design verification and engineering support services to Factory industry.

         Structural integrity management services for existing offshore assets, which includes management of inspection programmes, emergency response services and engineering and analysis of modifications to the facilities.

         Strengthening, repair and modification of Marine & Offshore facilities.

         Disaster incident recovery studies including forensic analysis as required.

         Engineering and project management of the decommissioning of Marine & Offshore structures.

         Engineering support and project management services to the offshore wind farm and alternative renewable industries.

         Specialist research and development work in support of offshore installation work and ongoing operations.

         Met ocean studies.

         Client representation working either as project managers or technical experts.

         Contracted to supply leading technical staff as Expert Witnesses in legal cases or litigations.

         Mooring and riser design analyses for drilling and completions from floating drilling units

         Life extension advice for FP mooring systems.

         DP capability plots and drift off analyses.

         Motions analysis and downtime assessments.

         Dynamic Analysis of Offshore & Marine Structure

         Fatigue Analysis of Offshore & Marine Structure

         Buckling & Ultimate Strength Analysis

         Yielding Check

         Topside and Jacket Implace Analysis

         Pipe Driveabilty analysis

         Load out analysis

         Marine tranportation analysis

         Flotation & Upending analysis

         CAS of Ship structure

         Consultancy associated with Cargo Contamination


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